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Asset Forfeiture Laws in California

Imagine you are busy watching TV, and there's a knock on your door only to find a process server on your porch, and he inexplicably says that the boat parked in your driveway is being towed! That sounds ridiculous, right? Well, this is not strange since it is an all-too-common process referred to as forfeiture, in which the government tries to seize your property when it reasonably believes that it is connected to criminal activity. It will only help if you seek the help of a professional...

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What is Civil Asset Forfeiture Abuse?

When a person takes your assets, you contact the police. However, who do you contact when law enforcers take your assets? Well, this is a common phenomenon under civil asset forfeiture. Often, persons whose property has been seized do not know how to acquire their assets back or fear they could be convicted of an offense for attempting. If your assets have been seized, our knowledgeable attorneys at Asset Forfeiture Attorney can help. For many years, we have represented thousands of clients in...

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How to Avoid Asset Forfeiture

When you have to deal with asset forfeiture, you may encounter several challenges, especially when you have not received prior notice of the action. The forfeiture procedures may also happen quickly, leaving you little room to negotiate or determine why the seizure and forfeiture of your property.  While the government uses asset forfeitures as a strategy for upholding the law and limiting a wrongdoer's liberty in retaining property, you have a right to challenge the process on valid grounds....

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What is the Difference Between Administrative Forfeiture and Civil Forfeiture

Asset forfeiture is the government seizure of an individual’s assets on suspicion that the assets are tainted by a connection to or are proceeds of criminal activity. Many people in California State & Nationwide lose rights to their property by wrongfully assuming that they have to face charges before forfeiture. However, this is untrue because the government can forfeit your property through civil or administrative forfeiture, which doesn’t require a conviction or filing criminal charges....

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What Is the Difference between Federal vs. State Asset Forfeiture

Both federal and state governments rely on asset forfeiture to curb criminal activity, particularly white-collar crimes, organized crime, and drug crimes. The assets recovered are often used to develop law enforcement facilities or to pay restitution to victims of crimes. Federal and state forfeiture have critical differences in the procedures and approaches to seizure and ultimate forfeiture. In this article, the Asset Forfeiture Attorney will examine both federal and state asset forfeiture...

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How to Prepare for Asset Forfeiture

Asset forfeiture is a ruthless legal process that can deprive you of your property and your financial means to defend your case. That's why you should be prepared for an asset forfeiture to avoid losing your property indefinitely. You cannot adequately prepare for an asset forfeiture unless you have an asset forfeiture attorney by your side. At Asset Forfeiture Attorney, we are ready to use our experience to fight for your property's possible seizure and restore your property rights. How to...

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What to Do When Your Packages are Seized Before They Arrive at Your Home

Asset forfeiture is confiscation of a person’s property and is considered a form of criminal justice that is typically applied to the alleged proceeds of a crime. This process is used for many terrorist activities, and drug-related crimes but can also include other criminal and civil offenses. The purpose of asset forfeiture was intended to interrupt illegal activity by confiscating assets thought to be beneficial to an organization or individual involved in illegal activity. Police have been...

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How An Asset Forfeiture Attorney Can Help Recover Your Assets

Most individuals facing charges are worried about fines, incarceration, and other penalties of a conviction. However, it can be a surprise when the government takes property in connection to the alleged crime. If your money or assets have been subject to criminal asset forfeiture, it is essential to consult with the legal experts at the Asset Forfeiture Attorney. We can prove that the property should be returned to you on numerous grounds or why the criminal case should be dismissed or...

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How Police Abuse Civil Asset Forfeiture and What You Can Do

Civil asset forfeiture is a practice abused by the police and government officials as a popular means of raising revenue and has become the subject of widespread criticism. Courts are now opening their doors to new legal arguments when police or the government seize property that is valued well out of proportion to the crimes involved. Asset-forfeiture practices have roots in the war on drugs, but the practice dates back to the 17th century maritime laws where ships would be seized for...

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How Bankruptcy Affects Asset Forfeiture

The topic of asset forfeiture is not uncommon in legal defenses, criminal prosecutions, and law enforcement. Bankruptcy is another topic that is usually debated within the judiciary system. Bankruptcy could and does affect asset forfeiture. Asset forfeiture laws give law enforcement officers the power to seize property considered as proceeds of crime. Prosecutors and the government are using this tactic to battle against corruption and sale of illicit substances and narcotics. You could...

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