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How Bankruptcy Affects Asset Forfeiture

The topic of asset forfeiture is not uncommon in legal defenses, criminal prosecutions, and law enforcement. Bankruptcy is another topic that is usually debated within the judiciary system. Bankruptcy could and does affect asset forfeiture. Asset forfeiture laws give law enforcement officers the power to seize property considered as proceeds of crime. Prosecutors and the government are using this tactic to battle against corruption and sale of illicit substances and narcotics. You could...

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This Man Had His Entire Live Savings Taken From Him Through Asset Forfeiture Laws

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Why Hire an Asset Forfeiture Attorney?

If you have lost property or money to the government, you will want to hire an Asset Forfeiture attorney to help have it returned to you. This quasi-criminal process done by the government takes control of your property as they claim it is somehow connected with illegal activity. When property or money is connected, or believed to be connected, to illegal activities, the government confiscates it through what they call asset forfeiture. An asset forfeiture attorney will fight for your rights...

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Probable Cause on 4 Legs (AKA drug-sniffing dogs)

Let's talk about drug-sniffing dogs. It's truly a crime to have them giving police "probable cause" to search someone's car, house or person. Dogs sniff pretty much any and everything. Some have a sense of smell 100 times that of a human. I walk my dogs and when I do, they want to stop and sniff, sniff, sniff. They use their sense of smell to recognize other animals, other dogs, people, foods and more.  All police have to do is walk their K9 around the area in question like a car, and look for...

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Recovering Your Assets After Forfeiture

Each year in the United States, law enforcement agencies seize and forfeit assets worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Property that can be forfeited include vehicles, airplanes, boats, real estate, cash, and securities.In some ways, asset forfeiture is like a form of criminal penalty, but it’s often considered a civil penalty. Civil forfeiture laws allow law enforcement to seize assets they suspect are connected to criminal activities, even if the owner has not been charged with or...

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What to do When Your Cash is Seized at an Airport

Traveling may sound like a dream to many, but going through airport terminals, customs, and security checks can leave you exhausted. Enhanced security systems and deployment of security personnel make spending time at airports even more daunting. You may find agents from the Department of Homeland Security Investigations, Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), or ICE lurking around. If an officer singles you out from the crowd and asks to inspect your bags, you may be too frightened to resist and ask...

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The Police Seized My Money Now What Do I Do?

It seems impossible. You are walking through LAX and get stopped by the airport police. They ask you if you have any cash on you. You tell them you do. You also tell them it is from a sale you made on Ebay and you are bringing it home to your mom for Christmas. Truthfully. They ask to see it. You open your duffel bag to reveal the approximately $7,100.00 and they take it. Just like that. They say something along the lines of they believe the cash was obtained through illegal means even though...

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