When the DEA seized a significant amount of money from my house, I didn't know what to do. I didn't think I would get any of it back. Fortunately, a friend of mine referred me to Jacek Lentz. Jacek's knowledge of the forfeiture laws and experience enable him to get the best possible results. He went right to work as he is aware of the very strict time limitations set by the government and got me back all of my money--$160,000! It is vitally important to choose a lawyer who knows the forfeiture laws inside and out and is well-connected. You couldn't do better than attorney Jacek Lentz. He is simply the best there is!

~Riverside County, CA

Our son had his money confiscated on a charge that was not true. Jacek was able to help with his criminal case as well as getting his money back that was taken from him without any cause from the police. I very highly recommend him!


From the beginning of my process of trying to recover my funds which were seized by the DEA, Mr. Lentz was very professional and gave me tremendous guidance during a very frustrating time. He did not give me false hope but did what most attorneys don't and gave me the honest facts. He explained the process to me and I understood that his vast experience and relationships gave me a higher likelihood of receiving my funds back. Throughout the process, he would touch base frequently, always be available for my questions and keep me on task with information he needed to do his job. I felt I had someone very strongly going to bat for me. In the end, I got the best case scenario--I received all my funds back which I definitely did not expect. I recommend him to anyone needing these services. You will be taken care of in the utmost professional manner. 

~J.P. Cleveland

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Whereas government agencies will make it appear like they have every right to seize your property since you, your household member, or your loved one is accused of an offense, don’t listen. Whether the connection between the criminal activity and the property in question is strong enough is for the court to decide. Contact Asset Forfeiture Attorney law firm today at 888-571-5590 to schedule a complimentary consultation and case evaluation. We serve clients throughout California and nationwide facing asset forfeiture.